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Mass Grading Services

Mass Grading requires pure skill. When the process of land clearing is finished, the next step is Commercial Grading of the land that ultimately provides you with a solid foundation on which even a skyscraper can be built! However, it is not that easy as it may seem. Summit Grading has a list of evaluation and inspections to go through before even thinking about the needs of mass grading. The checklist includes

  1. Examination of land and the soil it possesses.
  2. The condition of its surroundings and terrain.
  3. Inspection and evaluation of climatic conditions and weather effects in the atmosphere.
  4. Type of mass grounding needed according to the physical conditions of the place.

In the last step when every type of assessment is undergone, Summit Grading then provides its clients with services that utilize a suitable kind of machinery and staff of related expertise to handle the project. That’s why our company stands out.